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Efficient test automation and optimal resource utilization

Automobile manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the field of testing are currently facing the same challenges: They need test solutions that automate the test process as much as possible, make efficient use of globally distributed test resources, and at the same time are able to handle the large number of test cases for safeguarding driver assistance systems, sensors, charging and communication technologies.

MircoNova offers several solutions that address these requirements: Since 2006, the company has been developing, together with AUDI AG and Volkswagen AG, the test automation solution EXAM (short for EXtended Automation Method), a uniform, platform-independent language for displaying test data. Based on decades of experience in the field of test automation, MicroNova has created additional solutions to optimize and accelerate the test process. This means that hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) resources must be used in the best possible way, and automation solutions relieve staff while keeping costs as low as possible.  


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