Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Simulation Detect control unit errors early and cost-effectively

"We provide turnkey HiL systems that allow an early test of Electronic Control Units (ECU) and other electronic control components. We accurately match the products and services needed: From extensive modular product systems and consulting services to model design and reliable support."

To develop ECU and control components as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, they are tested with the help of HiL simulators early in the development process. In doing so, the HiL system simulates the anticipated environment of the component – for instance a combustion engine, a complete vehicle or a wind turbine – and so allows the functionality testing of the appertaining ECU.

Various possibilities of application
Depending on the sector and area of application the HiL simulators are required to meet a multitude of demands. MicroNova consults companies from different industrial sectors – from car manufacturers, automotive suppliers and manufacturers of wind power systems to manufacturers of household appliances – in selecting the optimal components, the configuration and the building of turnkey systems.

Component testing of single ECUs, partial or comprehensive system testing: With the HiL simulators from MicroNova a variety of tasks can be accomplished. In the automotive sector, for instance, the turnkey systems that are used globally meet a variety of requirements of individual vehicle domains. They include standard HiL simulators for motor, hybrid and battery as well as test benches or customized solutions for the simulation of lambda sensors or piezo/magnet injectors.

Close cooperation with ks.MicroNova GmbH
Especially in the automotive sector MicroNova AG works in close cooperation with its partner company ks.MicroNova; Together, the companies provide customers with an even wider range of services, primarily in the area of large network simulators. Customers benefit from the modularity of the so-called Component Test Racks (CTR). These simulator systems can be converted quickly and are thus perfectly suitable for the testing of different vehicle configurations.

Scalable, standards-based solutions

The basis for the HiL test benches from MicroNova are proprietary software and hardware components. Standard modules from best-in-class manufacturers complement these basic components. This allows to implement even complex systems and the customers benefit from a high degree of standardization and leading test solutions in real-time. The HiL simulators also can be expanded quickly and flexibly as needed and reused for new projects.

Support in modelling
MicroNova's HiL simulators can be used with existing simulation models easily. For pure software models a variety of different languages including Matlab Simulink or LabVIEW is supported. Another strength of the NovaCarts simulators is the extensive modular system for special sensor and actuator simulations (including the simulation of the lambda sensors or magnet/piezo injectors). MicroNova’s experts are also at your disposal to design new models or residual bus simulations (CAN, LIN, Flexray etc.).

Custom engineering fulfils special requests
Upon request, MicroNova's experts implement special customer requests for hard- or software in a rapid and efficient manner. For example, even complex mechatronic measurement test benches with climatic chamber can be realized. Through the work on-site, the testing specialists of MicroNova know exactly what is important in the ECU testing - knowledge that self-evidently is incorporated in new projects of the customer. This enables MicroNova to quickly react to new requirements and develop creative, top quality solutions.

MicroNova – a reliable partner
MicroNova also provides support after the system has been delivered: If required, our testing specialists ensure the smooth operation of the testing infrastructure on the customer's business premises, perform the modelling, the creation of test specifications and / or the testing. More information about MicroNova's on-site services you will find here.

A reliable support with short response times and a transparent ticket system complements MicroNova's HiL service portfolio.