"MicroNova Battery Model" accelerates development of battery controllers

Simulation model accurately replicates electrical and thermal behavior of battery cells in BMSs

Vierkirchen near Munich, 05. July 2023

The software and systems vendor MicroNova now offers an individually configurable, real-time-capable simulation model for battery cells. This "MicroNova Battery Model", which is new on the market, exactly replicates the electrical and thermal behavior of the battery cells – without requiring the cells to be directly connected to a battery. The simulation model is ideal for use in hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems for validating battery controllers.

The development and testing of Battery Management Systems (BMS) require powerful and very precise models. While modeling mostly used to be project-specific, automotive manufacturers and suppliers can now use the “MicroNova Battery Model” to create an abstracted universal battery model that also offers many detailed customization options for high-quality battery testing.

Shorter development times with the battery model out-of-the-box

To create greater scope for customization, MicroNova has encapsulated individual components of its battery model to be able to use them as library modules. This allows users to make small changes themselves and thereby adapt the model for various test projects as part of its configuration options, an approach that cuts costs and shortens project times.

The "MicroNova Battery Model" is available as a configurable MATLAB/Simulink model. It is an open model that can be expanded and adapted to individual requirements as needed. The simulation model is optimized for use on NovaCarts hardware from MicroNova, but is equally suitable for use on other target systems.

Function and configuration

The main part of the model takes into account the high number of physical mechanisms that occur within individual battery cells during the charge and discharge cycles. The characteristics of the battery cell selected in advance by the test engineer are taken as the basis for numerous calculations within this core model. This tool-based modeling of a specific battery is carried out via a generator with a graphical user interface. This allows a choice to be made between different battery configurations and battery cell manufacturers within MATLAB/Simulink. A number of different interpolation methods are available during test runtime in order to map the entire spectrum of the relevant characteristic curves.

The “MicroNova Battery Model” generates the desired battery model with up to 17 cell controllers and 16 cells per controller based on a reference model, depending on the way the various configuration parameters are defined. As this customized model contains only the blocks required for the respective configurations, both its performance on a simulation node and its clarity when edited in MATLAB/Simulink are increased. The generator can be extended to include batteries of any size if required and provides MATLAB/Simulink base models that can be integrated into the overall model.

Time and cost savings for manufacturers

"The legal requirements for modern vehicle batteries are becoming ever wide-ranging in terms of safety and development. This naturally has an impact on the validation of the associated control unit," explains Dr. Klaus Eder, COO of MicroNova. "In order to obtain reliable and at the same time efficient tests, the functions in the simulation model must be precisely adapted to those of the BMS. More and more customers therefore want the option of incorporating their own parts for a suitably customized model, a wish we have met with the MicroNova Battery Model."

This approach not only reduces resource requirements and costs, is also reduces development times for BMS manufacturers. Users can quickly and easily make adjustments to the battery model themselves and adapt the model to the development status of the respective device under test. MicroNova's consultants are available to support with more in-depth changes or specific adaptations to the library modules as well as custom developments. Our experienced staff work with the customer to ascertain specific needs and develop concrete solutions based on the requirements identified.

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MicroNova Battery Model
Dr. Klaus Eder, COO, MicroNova

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