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Mobile Telephony: Cooperation between MicroNova and atesio

More automation for network operators

With atesio GmbH as partner, MicroNova is expanding its portfolio in the field of automated RAN configuration and optimization with functionalities for Self Organizing Networks (SON). The aim is to significantly increase the degree of automation in RAN management and to create the basis for a service-oriented RAN management system.

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Test Bench Meets Cloud: Virtual Testing in Conjunction with HiL Systems

"NovaCarts Virtual" enables real-time ECU tests with real, simulated and virtualized components.

The "NovaCarts Virtual" simulation platform from MicroNova combines the advantages of hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems with the strengths of cloud technology. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers can expand their test capacities and validate modern ECUs early in the development stage. The hardware and software solutions allow a combination of real, simulated and virtualized test components.

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Mobile Communications: MicroNova Joins O-RAN Alliance

Innovations for an open and interoperable radio access network

The main aim of the O-RAN Alliance is to establish an open standard for mobile networks that is independent of individual manufacturers and countries. MicroNova AG is now the alliance's latest member. The company brings many years' worth of knowledge on the topic of radio access network (RAN) management that will be used to support associated industry and research projects.

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SMART TS and MicroNova: new simulation platform for the validation of fuel cell ECUs

"NovaCarts Fuel Cell featuring SMART-TS MCM" combines know-how from both companies

One year after announcing their cooperation, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS and MicroNova present the HiL system "NovaCarts Fuel Cell featuring SMART-TS MCM", a powerful real-time platform for the validation of Fuel Cell Control Units (FCCU). The platform is based on MicroNova's HiL simulator "NovaCarts Fuel Cell". The modules for simulating the individual cell voltages of a fuel cell, "MCM IntelliSim", come…

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IoT Partnership: MicroNova to Implement amplía Solutions

“OpenGate IoT Platform” as a hub for Internet of Things solutions

MicroNova is assuming the role of implementation partner for the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions of Spanish provider amplía))) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with immediate effect. The Madrid-based company’s OpenGate© IoT Framework forms the software foundation for this.

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New Mobile Technology Partnership: MicroNova and highstreet technologies Join Forces

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

MicroNova AG, headquartered near Munich, and highstreet technologies GmbH from Berlin have been officially working together as partners since October 2020. The objective is to support wireless carriers, in particular with regards to the introduction and operation of 5G and the associated technology shift.

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Software-Defined Networks: New Product from MicroNova

COM5.SDN enables to integrate new network and service technologies into RAN.

With the advent of 5G technology, being able to automate and configure mobile networks using software is more important than ever for their cost-efficient operation. MicroNova’s new product line COM5.SDN represents a suitable set of solutions.

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Smart Testsolutions and MicroNova: Test Technologies for Fuel Cell Controllers

Specialist measurement technology and HiL systems for the validation of Fuel Cell Controllers

Smart Testsolutions GmbH and MicroNova are now combining their expertise in the areas of fuel cell measurement technology and HiL applications in order to offer automobile manufacturers time- and cost-efficient as well as comprehensive test solutions for fuel cell control units. The two companies will also present their solutions at the hydrogen and fuel cell conference f-Cell Stuttgart on…

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MicroNova Supports Companies in the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Data science and machine learning for the efficient use of data in the automotive industry

MicroNova has launched comprehensive consulting and project services focusing on the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Many companies in the automotive industry are currently investigating how they can use AI to make more efficient use of data. MicroNova supports them in the areas of data analysis and machine learning (ML).

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MicroNova provides 3D printers for face masks

Brackets and visors are the result of voluntary work

Currently, there is no English version available. Please do not hesitate to contact our press team for media inquiries, translations of our press releases or photo requests. Many thanks!

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