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MicroNova joins “Electric Mobility South-West” and “Fuel Cell BW” clusters

E-mobility testing expertise

MicroNova is actively engaging in the clusters “Electric Mobility South-West” (Elektromobilität Süd-West) and “Fuel Cell BW” (Brennstoffzelle BW). The company has been contributing its skills in test systems for electronic components in the field of electromobility to the two networks since the beginning of 2020.

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E-Mobility: “NovaCarts Charger” Secures Batteries for Storage and Transport

Charging/discharging system from MicroNova minimizes quality losses in batteries for electric and hy

MicroNova’s new NovaCarts Charger (NC Charger) supports automobile manufacturers and suppliers in monitoring, charging and discharging vehicle traction batteries. Thus, batteries can be made secure for transport and quality losses can be prevented during storage.

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Caritas Group visits MicroNova

Treffpunkt 50+ informs about mobility of the future

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New HiL Simulator for Fuel Cell Controllers: NovaCarts Fuel Cell

Simulation platform for the validation of Fuel Cell Control Units (FCCUs)

MicroNova has developed the “NovaCarts Fuel Cell” Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) simulator for testing fuel cell control units. NovaCarts Fuel Cell simulates the fuel cell stack as well as the environment of the associated control unit within the vehicle. It can be upgraded for future Fuel Cell Control Unit technologies by firmware update.

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Automotive Testing: Continuous Integration with EXAM

REST API plug-in from MicroNova integrates EXAM into CI workflow with Jenkins

MicroNova has developed an EXAM REST API plug-in for deployment with the test automation solution EXAM in a continuous integration process (CIP). The new plug-in automates test execution in build environments such as Jenkins, thereby increasing efficiency in testing electronic control units. More results are available faster that can then be immediately and continuously fed back into the...

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Honey raffle at MicroNova

Software and system house raffles off flight in a glider or ride in a hot-air balloon

Currently, there is no English version available. Please do not hesitate to contact our press team for media inquiries, translations of our press releases or photo requests. Many thanks!

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Award-winning work-life balance

MicroNova receives "Partnerstein" award

The software and systems vendor MicroNova has been awarded the “Partnerstein” by the Dachau regional associations of the Frauenunion (Women’s Union), the Mittelstandsunion (Union of small and medium-sized businesses) and the Christlich-Soziale Arbeitnehmerunion (Christian-social employees’ union). The prize is awarded to companies in the district of Dachau that not only promote a good balance...

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“Architect Tours” at MicroNova

Pfaffenhofen architects present showcase project

Bavarian Chamber of Architects selects the software and systems vendor’s new building in Vierkirchen as its showpiece / Guided tours and company presentations for interested visitors

The new building for the software and systems vendor MicroNova in Vierkirchen in the district of Dachau, designed by the architectural firm “Architekturbüro Obereisenbuchner” from Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, was...

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Two-Factor-Authentication & Password Management for Linux Users

New functions of ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus improve protection of company resources

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MicroNova is buzzing

Two bee colonies resettled to company premises in Vierkirchen

Long before the “Save the bees” referendum in Bavaria, the plan had been conceived: The capable employees of MicroNova were to welcome even more hard-working colleagues. Two bee colonies from the beekeeper Philipp Blumenschein have received their own new building at the Unterfeldring in Vierkirchen. MicroNova is buzzing!

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