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NovaCarts - HiL-Simulation

NovaCarts version 6.3.0 - runtime improvements for real-time simulation and performance enhancements

Several new features and improvements are available in the current NovaCarts OS version of the HiL platform. The software release contains numerous innovations in the real-time operating system and in the experiment environment. These include:

  • a native integration of the ARXML-Importer for CAN and LIN databases, which significantly reduces I/O times
  • a revised concept for running multiple, parallel or very large simulation models
  • significant performance improvements in the execution of performance-intensive models, which have an effect, for example, in the validation of the ECU software of zone-based E/E architectures in modern vehicles.

Please contact us for further information about the current NovaCarts software version.


vECU - more efficient testing with ECU virtualization (German)

Webinar recording from April 27, 2021, duration: 39 minutes

  • What is a virtual ECU and what can a virtual ECU do?
  • Where does virtual testing help in software validation?
  • Where can the virtual ECU be embedded in the test landscape?
  • What advantages does it bring?
  • Which existing prerequisites can be used?

ISO 26262 - Development and testing with functional safety (German)

Webinar recording from March 9, 2021, duration: 42 minutes

  • Introduction to ISO 26262
  • ISO 26262 Gap Analysis
  • Tool qualification according to ISO 26262 Part 8

Artificial intelligence in practice (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 18 minutes

  • Overview of artificial intelligence use cases (e.g., voice assistants, fraud detection, autonomous driving).
  • Explanation Strong vs. Weak AI
  • A brief history of AI
  • AI and Safety

AI technologies (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 18 minutes

  • Basic concepts of AI: Data Analytics, Evolutionary Algorithms, Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • Requirements for Artificial Intelligence: handling of large amounts of data, robustness, generalization
  • Presentation of the functioning and training of an artificial neural network
  • Explanation of supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning

Implementation of AI projects (German)

Webinar recording from September 29, 2020, duration: 14 minutes

  • Implementation of an AI project using the process models CRISP-DM and CRISP-ML
  • Project start and business understanding
  • Data preparation, data understanding and feature engineering
  • AI Modeling and Testing
  • Visualization and Deployment



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