NovaCarts Assembly Sizes

From small desk-based testing systems to large full-feature systems for the simulation of entire vehicles

NovaCarts hardware-in-the-loop(HiL) simulators are available in different sizes, depending on the respective requirements. Thus users can combine them flexibly with each other and extend them incrementally.

NovaCarts Elementary

The NovaCarts Elementary size format refers to the smallest HiL simulators in the NovaCarts family. The units consist of just one NovaCarts component with a fast Ethernet connection to a control PC running NovaCarts Test Operation Software, thus allowing the test configuration to fit easily onto any desk.

The real-time-capable system allows users to check very early on in the development process whether the logic used in the ECU software also works correctly together with the actual hardware and the operating system deployed.


  • Inexpensive: Existing NovaCarts components and software can also be used without an HiL system for function tests.
  • Optimum use of test bench times: Early checks on ECU functions without an HiL system allow actual HiL tests to be better prepared.
  • Convenient: Developers can perform initial testing at their workplace quickly and easily.
  • Flexible: Sufficient for many tests in function development

NovaCarts Advanced

Compact and inexpensive entry-level test system: The inexpensive and powerful NovaCarts Advanced hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems fit on any desk, making them ideal as developer test benches and enabling users to test actual electronic control units or individual software functions simply and conveniently.

When required, NovaCarts Advanced systems can be extended incrementally to become small system HiL simulators, thereby making them perfect “entry-level solutions” for automotive manufacturers and suppliers who wish to expand their test environment gradually.

Basic version for component tests

In its basic version, a NovaCarts Advanced system consists of a powerful Linux-based real-time computer running NovaCarts Real-Time Software and numerous connections for NovaCarts components such as the NovaCarts Multi-I/O Board as well as other I/O units. Furthermore, the test system supports various field buses such as CAN, CAN-FD, and LIN thanks to its integrated vehicle bus node.


  • Computing nodes available in four sizes: Half-rack (desktop system) or 19-inch module with a height of 3U or 4U. The desktop version can be transformed into a plug-in module if required.
  • All components are certified for continuous operation.
  • Connections for vehicle buses (depending on configuration level): CAN, LIN, CAN FD, and gigabit LAN channels

Enhanced version for testing vehicle functions across different controllers

The full-featured version even enables test departments to use NovaCarts Advanced to test specific vehicle functions that involve several electronic control units. In the area of driver assistance systems, for example, realistic approval tests can be performed cost-efficiently and with significant test depth with powertrain or chassis elements such as a steering system as a genuine component. This permits functions spanning a number of control devices – as well as the interaction of various components – to be examined in detail.

Like all NovaCarts HiL simulators, NovaCarts Advanced HiL simulators are compatible with other NovaCarts systems and can be very quickly coupled to form interconnected systems. When required, interconnected HiL simulators can be just as quickly converted back into standalone test stations.


  • Low cost of acquisition through the use of industrial PC components
  • Compact: The high processing power of the systems takes up minimal space.
  • Highly expandable: Possible to upgrade incrementally into a small HiL simulator
  • Versatile: From testing individual ECU functions to examining ECU network functionalities

NovaCarts Superior

The NovaCarts Superior compact HiL systems come in a number of ready-to-use configurations, such as the vehicle domains “engine” or “hybrid drive” with electric motor and high-voltage battery. Despite their relatively compact size, NovaCarts Superior systems offer an impressively wide range of possible applications. The HiL simulators without failure injection unit are ideal for both simple I/O simulations and high-resolution signal simulations as well as for use with reference vehicles.


  • Powerful multi-processor computing nodes
  • All components are certified for continuous operation.
  • High-resolution simulations

Reference test stations for shorter pre-production tests

Automotive manufacturers primarily use so-called reference vehicles – complete vehicles fitted with actual controllers without engine or gearbox – to reduce testing times during pre-production tests. NovaCarts Superior systems allow, for example, new software or hardware versions for sensors and actuators, cable harnesses, and other electronic control units to be tested early on during vehicle development. This enables the departments involved to, e.g., examine whether the integrated ECUs respond to the signals that are issued, or whether the original cable harness is wired correctly. It also permits a quick compatibility check to be performed on the ECU software. There is no need to connect a real engine with gearbox for these tests.

Like all other NovaCarts HiL simulators, Superior systems can be easily and inexpensively extended. Where necessary, users can quickly hook up the devices to other HiL simulators to form interconnected systems, and then separate them again.


  • Excellent cost-performance ratio through the use of standard technologies and components
  • Short changeover times: Controllers can be exchanged in a matter of minutes.
  • Future-proof: modular, upgradeable functions and standard vehicle bus nodes
  • Ideal for high-resolution simulations (e.g. high-resolution simulations in the µs range, and complex simulation models on up to eight processors)

NovaCarts Ultimate

Powerful and versatile full-size test systems

NovaCarts Ultimate systems are available in a number of different versions, perfectly matching the requirements of the vehicle domain in question. The spectrum encompasses NovaCarts Battery Ultimate, NovaCarts eEngine Ultimate for electric and hybrid vehicles, NovaCarts Engine Ultimate for traditional combustion engines, as well as solutions for the vehicle domains of driving dynamics, infotainment, and comfort.

19-inch rack or component test rack (CTR) design

The HiL systems with failure injection units are available in two different designs: 19-inch rack or CTR version. Irrespective of the format, NovaCarts Ultimate systems are ideal for testing individual electronic control devices as well as for integration tests of subsystems in order to check cross-ECU functionalities as well as the interaction of several electronic control units with each other.

The 19-inch rack version is recommended particularly when several electronic control units belong together, for example in the engine or hybrid field. This format provides reliable protection for testing personnel against dangerous currents when working with high-voltage components.

The optional CTR design is particularly suitable for areas where many real parts are connected to the HiL simulator, such as the vehicle domains of comfort, driving dynamics, and infotainment / multimedia. Users thus have considerably more space for the various components and devices under test, and can wire them up or replace them far more conveniently than in a 19-inch rack. This is a huge advantage, especially for the large number of ECUs for access authorization, interior lighting, climate control functions, and seat or door control in the comfort area.

In addition, NovaCarts Ultimate systems can be hooked up to form interconnected systems within a matter of minutes and, when required, separate them back into individual testing stations just as quickly.


  • Maximum flexibility: NovaCarts systems are versatile, and can be used in any combination and extended inexpensively.
  • High interoperability with best-in-class systems thanks to open, standardized interfaces (e.g. XIL API)
  • Short changeover times: Fast exchange of electronic control units minimizes downtimes.

NovaCarts Integral

Simple and flexible interconnectable HiL systems for large full-feature systems

The largest version, NovaCarts Integral, is the name given to combined systems consisting of at least two NovaCarts HiL simulators. NovaCarts test systems can be combined flexibly with each other, and connected or disconnected in next to no time irrespective of the size format. Besides extremely short reconfiguration and changeover times, the modular design of the test components ensures a high degree of reusability and flexibility.

Individual combination options

Depending on their requirements, users can combine the systems as they wish: From the interconnection of NovaCarts Engine and NovaCarts eEngine HiL simulators to simulate electronic powertrains, through to a combination of engine, battery, driving dynamics, and comfort test systems.

Full-feature system for testing a vehicle’s entire electronics

In this way, even large full-feature systems can be realized cost-efficiently. By combining several NovaCarts HiL simulators, test departments can quickly put together a large test bench to test a vehicle’s entire electronics, and on completion of the tests, it can be separated back into individual testing stations just as easily.


  • Maximum capacity utilization of test systems through versatile application and combination options as standalone or interconnected HiL simulators
  • Optimum use of existing test rooms: Because signals are generated near the devices under test, the HiL systems can be located in different rooms when interconnected.


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