NovaCarts Virtual Hardware

CMR-ready hardware for the cloud


All NovaCarts hardware devices are suitable for use in virtual environments as well as in traditional HiL configurations. HiL setups for CMR environments in ECU farms differ from conventional HiL setups in the following ways:

  • I/Os are built into the control unit structure (e.g. drawer)
  • Highly modular and standardized structure
  • Very few connections of a control unit setup to the outside world (e.g. power supply, terminals, buses, Ethernet connectors)
  • High number of similar setups

Thanks to its modularity and small size, NovaCart's Virtual Hardware is ideally suited for use in everything from individual control unit tests to entire vehicle structures.

NovaCarts hardware devices for use in virtual CMR environments:

  • Bus converter (e.g. UNI RPI4 converter): tunnels vehicle buses over Ethernet and enables, for example, the operation of residual bus simulations in the cloud.
  • Universal FPGA modules (e.g. UNI FPGA BUS modules): FPGA modules that can be controlled via Ethernet and provide complex I/O functions (e.g. special modules for serial communication).
  • I/O modules that can be controlled via CAN (NC Tool CAN modules): these modules enable cost-effective control unit setups.
  • NC-CTR devices: provide the functionalities that are always required for control units, such as terminal control or simple fault connection, in a compact form.
  • NovaCarts boards: NovaCarts boards can be controlled via Ethernet by default, making them ideal for use in virtual and mixed environments.

All hardware devices mentioned are already successfully and reliably in use in CMR environments.


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