OpenGate© IoT Framework

Powerful, secure, scalable

MicroNova partner amplía has been developing the IoT platform OpenGate© since 2014, which has proven its abilities in many IoT projects at well-known companies. OpenGate© is the underlying system that collects and processes information from all devices, which the user can view, analyze, and evaluate.

OpenGate© allows companies to standardize (normalize) data and provides the results for optimal evaluation via dashboards and integrated business intelligence methods. Further functions from the service portfolio include a high degree of automation, which can be adapted to individual needs by defining extensive rules. A powerful fault management system includes the evaluation of events, complete alarm handling, and connection to external ticketing systems.

OpenGate© offers a range of possibilities that allow companies to create economic added value through fitting business models or to reduce or keep costs low – for example, through cheaper maintenance or avoiding unnecessary service calls.

Powerful, secure, scalable

The OpenGate© IoT Framework allows companies to access the status and performance parameters of all devices, machines, and sensors integrated into the IoT solution via a user-friendly and centralized web GUI – anywhere in the world.

  • Intelligent data collection, processing, and analysis: Collecting, normalizing, and processing all relevant data to extract key information;
  • Device management and mass processing: Hardware, software and connectivity, error detection;
  • Connectivity and vendor independence: Simple integration of devices and protocols;
  • Security and high levels of availability: Performance of a secure IoT platform, designed for several million connected devices.

OpenGate©: Fundamental component of the IoT value chain

OpenGate© collects data from various sensors and devices to generate custom reports; these assess whether a solution is working as expected.

OpenGate© Device Management

Using the Device Management solution built on the OpenGate© IoT Framework, companies gain access to all the tools they need to take advantage of OpenGate©. For cost-effective use, it is imperative to provide the complete functionality on one central, scalable, and also secure platform. The priority here is monitoring, administration, and provision of devices and services. Any IoT-capable device and its communication protocol can be integrated via powerful data modeling tools. Administration is simple and intuitive, even if the devices number in the millions, as is the case with many IoT solutions.

Sensors, devices, and assets

Sensors are responsible for measuring the required information, for example temperature, motion, or battery status. An IoT device to which the sensors are connected sends the measurement data to the IoT server, which is also scalable for larger applications. In this context an asset is any physical element from which information is required, and which is to be monitored, for example a person, a machine, or a building. To obtain information about the status and history of an asset, data must be captured cyclically.

Communication protocols

OpenGate© already supports all common communication protocols. And new ones can easily be integrated. The most commonly used communication protocols in the IoT world are MQTT, CoAP and http. The communication layer can be actively monitored and managed.


Central management

OpenGate© allows for consolidated management of a large number of heterogeneous devices, which ensures a high level of productivity or efficiency in management processes.


Capture and normalization

In IoT projects, companies must ensure that the collected data is used as efficiently as possible. Given the large number of protocols and different hardware and firmware in the environment, a solution is required that can extract valuable information from the data through comprehensive normalization.


Powerful encryption, appropriate auditing, and comprehensive access controls must be ensured in order to reduce IT security risks in IoT and M2M environments.

The integrity of the devices must be ensured at all times, too. With IoT solutions, it is also important that they provide real-time control over monitoring, rule execution, and alerts. They should also offer comprehensive functions for firmware and software updates or diagnostics – all requirements that OpenGate© easily meets.


The gateway is the middleware for communication between the devices and the IoT platform. However, a dedicated gateway is not always necessarily required, as the devices themselves already have a communication module and can therefore interact directly. If a gateway is part of the solution architecture, it can fulfill many other tasks instead of just acting as a simple router for information.

Edge computing – strengthening the IT performance of the endpoints – offers immense advantages in this regard. MicroNova partner amplía has developed the OpenGate© Device Edge Agent (ODA) especially for this purpose. This can be used to install and configure different models of gateways via the integrated architecture designed according to OSGi.

Optimization of business processes

Integration with third-party services is possible via a corresponding interface (API), for example in the area of business process management or with other systems. This makes it possible to optimize the use of resources and the logic of processes used in the company. The look and feel of the graphical user interface can be customized according to the company’s own needs and specifications.

OpenGate© also has additional optional tools, for example for the management of SIM/eSIM cards, data lines, and so on. This means that further functions can be made available via one uniform platform. This also simplifies administration while at the same time helping to optimize costs.


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