MicroNova Telco Solutions Better network quality, shorter time-to-market and lower operating costs

"In the field of Network Management MicroNova provides innovative solutions and services for the planning, configuration, operation and monitoring of mobile networks and heterogeneous communication networks. These solutions are tailored to the specific needs of specific industrial sectors. They support companies and organizations to make the growing complexity of the networks manageable and to reduce operating costs."

No matter whether mobile network operators, energy suppliers, transport route operators or telecommunications providers: They all face the challenge of managing and operating their networks efficiently and cost effectively in spite of the growing complexity. The Network Management solutions from MicroNova perfectly meet this task with their multi-vendor and multi-technology approach. They allow network operators to manage a variety of devices from different manufacturers with a centralized solution and to integrate different technologies at the same time. Besides, the solutions from MicroNova support operators optimally in their daily work, thereby reducing overheads.

Ideally tailored to specific requirements

MicroNova provides its customers, especially in the areas of Network and Service Management, Operational Support Systems (OSS) and System Management, with a product portfolio tailored to the specific needs of each industrial sector. Best-in-class partner products and services complement the offer. State-of-the-art technologies and frameworks can be easily customized according to the requirements of the customers and are seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes.

Best prepared for future changes

To ensure that the investment in one of the network management solutions pays off for the users even in the long run, MicroNova has used flexible, future-proof IT architectures, which will be able to keep up with future developments because they are easily expandable with new technologies if so required.