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MicroNova is currently involved as a subcontractor in the German Armed Forces’ (“Bundeswehr”) planned successor project, a ground-based tactical air defence system (in German: Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem (TLVS)), which is Germany’s future Air and Missile Defense (AMD) system. The project, the successor of MEADS as it were, explicitly relies on technological leaps through digitalization as a modern defensive solution – the electronic systems are therefore of utmost importance. MicroNova is responsible for the development of important sub-projects within the IT infrastructure of TLVS with a shelter management, factory test and diagnostic/maintenance infrastructure.

Shelter Management Unit (SMU)

The powerful TLVS technology places the highest demands on availability as well as operational and data security. The IT infrastructure installed in the mobile command posts (shelters) ultimately constitutes a particularly compact, tough, high-performance data center. The components consist of power supply, air conditioning, network, server farm, and operator station computer. The Shelter Management Unit (SMU) is responsible for technical monitoring and control.

Its operating software automatically starts system components, boots up the network and servers, controls air conditioning systems and generators for the power supply, ensures full functionality, and supports operational safety. The SMU continuously monitors all system statuses and reports them to a central management system. Individual shelters can be logically coupled, meaning the installed IT components can be automatically detected and functionally interconnected.

Diagnostics and maintenance

The interfaces to the various devices and system components within the mobile command posts are also designed by MicroNova and developed within the framework of the specified diagnostic and maintenance infrastructure. TLVS already takes future progress into account: the entire system architecture is designed to allow prompt adaptability to new developments, scalability and the rapid replacement of equipment and system components. In addition to the various technical functions, workplace ergonomics and data security also play a major role.

Factory Test Set

For fast commissioning and customization of the operating parameters, MicroNova has developed the Factory Test Set (FTS), a special mobile test system. The FTS can start and test all system components in conjunction with the SMU and detect and pinpoint any errors. It offers highly automated functions and tools both for initial installation and for updating the entire operating software for mobile command posts already in use.

Since military equipment and security and defense industry assets are held in stock for potentially upcoming states of defense, they are often stored in a depot without function or use. Monitoring is also necessary in this hibernating mode to prevent damage during standstill. The SMU works around the clock even in "low power mode" and can detect and record faults for months with low battery capacity. These data can be transferred from the SMU using the FTS and then evaluated or processed further.


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