The eHealth Portfolio of MicroNova From medical doctors for medical doctors (MDs)

"As an independent manufacturer, MicroNova provides intelligent software solutions for MD networks, MDs in private practice, laboratories, hospitals, health insurance companies and nursing care facilities. These software solutions are growing with the requirements of the customers and help to enhance the care for patients in the best possible way."

The eHealth solutions from MicroNova create ideal conditions for an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation between all parties in the healthcare sector: They pave the way for a well-structured, secure exchange of medical information. They assist in the management of selective agreements between health insurers and MDs. And they facilitate the medical documentation and billing in an MD's office or MD network.

Developed by and with MDs
The solutions have been developed in close collaboration with MDs and MD networks in order to facilitate their day-to-day work and retain existing procedures to a large extent. The results are medical software solutions that can be used with all commonly-used practice management systems from various manufacturers and that are operated easily and quickly.

In the development process of its eHealth solutions MicroNova AG benefits from nearly 30 years of experience in software development and project management for customers in the automotive and telecommunications industries. Tried and tested methods and procedures are the guarantee for top quality solutions that are custom tailored to the needs and business operations of the customers.

The eHealth portfolio at a glance:

  • Networking & Communication

    Networking & Communication

    For a safe and uncomplicated exchange of medical information, MD networks need suitable software solutions that ideally can be used with different primary systems of multiple vendors – to avoid expensive system changes and double data entries.

    Based on a patented interface, MicroNova AG has designed a practice- and user-oriented networking solution that is compatible with all commonly-used practice management systems. This also allows other parties in the outpatient and inpatient sectors including hospitals, healthcare facilities and home care services or pharmacies to be linked with the solution.

    The distinguishing feature: The patient data is only transmitted via a secure connection to the MD's practices or healthcare facilities, which have been authorized by the patient in written form. Since the practices or facilities store the patient data locally, a synchronized, decentralized patient file is built up and at the disposal of each medical office.

    To ensure maximum security of patient data, we intentionally did not use a cloud solution or a centralized database.

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    Additional Software enables Data Exchange with Laboratories and Medical Devices
    Especially for the data exchange between labs and MDs MicroNova has developed the integration software VisioPush that can also be used without MicroNova’s networking solution. With the help of VisioPush, laboratory values can be forwarded directly from the lab to the electronic patient file in the MD’s office. In addition, the solution provides the possibility to directly transfer the data of the letters of referral into the Order Entry System of the lab – thereby making manual data entries superfluous and reducing the error rate.

    At the same time, VisioPush provides for a direct transport of images, graphs or documents of medical equipment into the electronic data processing system of the MD’s office or hospital. In addition, the software is also able to transfer the data of telemedical devices to the different systems of the medical service providers involved in the patient’s treatment, thus avoiding double data entries and reducing erroneous entries. All data are immediately available.

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  • Treatment Pathways & Guidelines

    Treatment Pathways & Guidelines

    To provide patients with utmost care, MicroNova assists MD networks in the introduction and mapping of their own treatment pathways and treatment guidelines. The solution "Treatment Pathways & Guidelines" allows to present even complex planning tools in an easy to understand manner, thereby assisting MDs in their systematic approach of anamnesis, diagnosis and determination of further medical treatment. MDs will see at a glance what information is needed for optimal care - from laboratory and ECG values to height, weight and blood pressure to the patient’s medical family history.

    The solution is customized to the specifications of each MD network. If necessary, additional graphs are integrated which illustrate the specific risk profile of a patient such as the so-called Arriba Score. With this solution from MicroNova MDs and medical service providers can usually maintain their existing systems.

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  • Medication Therapy Safety

    Medication Therapy Safety

    The solution "Medication Therapy Safety" from MicroNova helps MDs to get a quick overview of all the medicines that have been prescribed for a specific patient by his or her general practitioners (GPs) and specialists. Thus, any interactions and contraindications can be detected and prevented at an early stage.

    The so-called Network Drug Plan is particularly suitable for use in MD networks and is available to all of the participating MD's offices and healthcare facilities in the electronic file of the patient. It contains all relevant information about prescribed medicines and dosages. What is even more, the Network Drug Plan can be extended to other medical service providers such as nursing homes and homes for the elderly, thereby integrating them optimally in the patient care.  

    Also in this solution MicroNova attaches great importance on a secure connection for transmitting the data, which are stored decentralized. To make the work for MDs even more convenient, MicroNova is currently working on an automatic system to incorporate new drugs from the practice management system into the Network Drug Plan. Soon the introduction of an automatic interaction and contraindication check will follow to automatically warn MDs of possible interactions and side effects.    

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  • Contract Management

    Contract Management

    The solution "Contract Management" for the management of selective contracts supports MDs in patient recruitment and the patient enrolment process. If a patient meets the criteria of a particular selective contract, the solution alerts the doctor automatically and if required also prepares the necessary documents for enrolment.

    Simultaneously, the solution enables a quick analysis of who and how many of the patients are already participating in a certain program. MD networks can also check at any time whether contractual requirements - such as the number of participants - have been met or not. In addition, the solution can be utilized for the billing of services rendered between the network and the MDs. 

    To put it into practice in the best possible way, MicroNova of course customizes the solution according to the requirements and billing procedures of each MD network. 

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  • Reporting & Healthcare Research

    Reporting & Healthcare Research

    The solution "Reporting & Healthcare Research" allows MD networks detailed and comprehensive analyses and reports. Based on the information available in the network, for example, the success of self-developed treatment pathways can be analysed and documented.  

    What is even more, with the help of this solution information about the exact patient structure can be obtained. The use of existing data for healthcare research is possible as well.  

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  • Electronic Documentation

    Electronic Documentation

    MicroNova supports MDs with the software VisioDok to create quality-assured and structured documentation faster and more efficiently. By predefined procedures and queries, anamnesis and reports or diagnoses can be created with just a few clicks including medical service codes for billing, ICD codes, OPS codes, forms, and medications.  

    The workflows and text modules can be individually adapted to the practice-specific requirements. The result is a user interface that best reflects the documentation routines of each MD and therefore significantly reduces the time effort for structured medical records and reports.  

    VisioDok is compatible with the commonly-used data processing systems for MDs in private practice and hospitals, so that existing systems usually do not have to be replaced.

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